My Thoughts on Apple Modular Computing

I might be silly here to think this but i think of the mac mini as an apple tv companion, to use the computer on the tv.  I'd like to see the mini and apple tv merge, with tvOS on the mini but still the ability to run macOS as well.  Some cool couch accessories for computing would be cool too, like some type of mouse that can work that far away on the couch and a keyboard that's made for the lap.

My original thought when I saw the mac pro was that it was meant to work in tandem with the MacBook Pros.  I'm serious I thought that the mac pro was part of the MacBook pros.  I'd like to see MacBooks be allowed to be powered and computed by external mac pros. Similarly as desktops are powered by external hard drives.  This could work with the connecting with multiple screens as well, in a modular setup.  I eventually see iPads and iPhones become part of the modular computing platform through docking and enhancements/projection capabilities, and a new OS to handle that.

This was left as a comment on this Reddit post:  Mac mini and Mac Pro to be merged? by Ondennik

The mention by Apple that the upcoming Mac Pro will be a modular system has led me to wonder if Apple intends to use it as a way of streamlining the headless desktop lineup. Granted, what I'm about to say here is conjecture on my part and some wishful thinking, but maybe Apple will sell the Mac Pro's modules in different ways, so that a baseline model with low-end to average specs would be around the cost of the Mac mini, but as you add more modules and improve the machine’s specifications, the price and quality of the machine will increase until it becomes a gargantuan beast of a machine. 
Seeing as how the Mac mini hasn't been updated in several years, and wasn't updated at WWDC alongside the iMacs, I think it's safe to say that it will probably meet the chopping block, but at the same time, its discontinuation does leave a gap in Apple's desktop lineup for consumers who want an Apple desktop that isn't an all-in-one but who don't have the money or don't need all the expensive components of the Mac Pro. Perhaps with the modules, baseline modules might be similar to the Mac mini, allowing Apple to cover all bases, from low-power and baseline specs all the way to high-end, workstation grade performance.
Those are just my thoughts, though. What do you guys think?

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