MacBook Pro 2016 Battery Life - 4 Months Later

Apple should have kept the size of the MacBook Pro the same as the 2015 MacBook Pro, kept the ports and then added the touchbar. If it would fit I'd like to see a regular function bar as well to avoid the complaints of those who use that. The larger trackpad would be fine and fit in the original size Pro. The Screen still could have made improvements in the original design. They should have delayed the release until they could get Kaby Lake in it. Now Kaby lake is in it too late because that will update soon.
Also they should have put the stacked battery design that's in the MacBooks in the Pros, and filled as much as they could. In this footprint they could have put better fans in.
Then only then would it have been a Pro. I'd like them to do a similar concept to the Air.
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