Apple’s New Hardware, My Thoughts on WWDC

It's pretty sad that the iMac Pro will still be lacking compared to an iPad's intuitive touch interface. They need to go all out. I hope they work on this so they can update MacOS to be able to do what iOS can do. I actually think it would have been better to wait to release the new iPads until the new phone's come out, so people can start a phone plan with a tablet at the same time. I think the new iPad pro's deserve to have the same A11 chip that the new iPhone will be getting. I'd rather see the iPad Pro's at least have the same chip set as the new iPhones at the same time instead of waiting over a year to get it. I'm still waiting for the ability to make cell phone calls from iPads. I'm also waiting for LTE on macs, phone calls too.
I think with cell plans you should just pay for your number and data and be able to use it on whatever device you want and just pay a minimal device activation hookup.

If they plan on launching products in the press conferences in the future I suggest that they have two sessions, so they're not rushed trying to fit everything in.
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