Apple WWDC 2017 - What to Expect!

I want split screen for macOS. I'm most hopefully about the MacBook airs and new MacBooks. I hope they all make considerable improvements while staying more budget conscious. I'm hoping the battery life will increase on all the models, especially the pros, and MacBooks, while the airs should still lead the pack in battery life. I'm hoping they won't eliminate the iPad minis--I would still like an iPad mini pro--it's the best size for being a handheld iPad and iPhone plus models aren't as good. I think iPad minis would be more popular if they had apple pencil an true tone display.

For mac OS updates I'd like to be able to see the touchbar on the the bottom of the screen so I don't have to look down to use the touch bar. It would simply show where my finger is. Force touch needs to be included in the touchbar.
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