What I'd like in upcoming Macs and MacOS.

What I'd like in upcoming Macs and MacOS.

I'd like to be able to use safari the way I use it for research where I have multiple tabs open at once for cross referencing, gathering information , and contextualizing sources. That is the extent for the "pro" uses I would like to have on the mac. I use an iMac late 2013 fusion drive custom build, but it's had problems with freezing fairly early on. This may be a ram memory issue. Does anyone have any suggestions? It gets overheated just from using safari.

I'd like Apple to address this issue. ]]]]

An ingenious way to address this would be some smart OS tweaks. Like not fully loading links in tabs until they are clicked on to save ram. Smarter awareness of ram usage made more apparent, similar to a battery percentage marker. Ways of impeding any build up towards freezing through stopping ram usage on unused items, or indicators or alarms to let you know you are approaching a freeze. A simple ram cleaning push button. A way to pilot eject/auto save if a freeze/crash occurs.

I'd like to be able to manually turn on the fans for cooling. I suspect fans come on too late and don't do enough. Other hardware cooling features.

In Summary, Top issues to address: macOS resolutions to prevent freezing/crashes and smart memory/ram management automatically in custom settings or manually in an intuitive user friendly way

And have the ram/memory there so I can use safari to the max.

Also smarter cloud tabs and cloud apps that don't take up memory when not in use.

To help this endeavor I'd like to see more cloud integration, for using congruent web apps which are often more useful and practical.


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