Tesla Now the Most Valuable Car Company in the US - Why?

The Future of Tesla is in what they are actually producing and the infrastructure surrounding it that will support it. If they maintain quality in the cars and electric infrastructure in a way to make Tesla's more affordable than alternatives plus more desirable they will succeed. I think they've already begun this race in a winner's fashion, which is why they are keen investment for to investors. I could see them surpassing Apple one day if they keep it up. Perhaps a merger may take place in the future. Once people know for sure that they can drive anywhere and be supported by the grid Tesla will succeed. I think also car manufactures should consider an alternative look at hybrid cars. Instead of lower gas mileage concept I think hybrids should be an either or concept. Meaning all gas, or all electric or both. I think if Tesla invents a vehicle perhaps SUV that has both an electric and gas motor: That would be future proof in sense and help the drivers feel confident that they'll be able to drive their vehicles in whatever future scenario the vehicle industry faces.
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