Separating the 7s from the 8, Separating the Anniversary Editions from The Special Edition

Launching the 7s and 7s Plus alongside the iPhone 8 would be stupid.  It would be better for Apple to not raise immediate comparisons between unequal number/models.  Let's face it the Edition phone, the one we all want won't be available until next year.  To try and press the OLED version into the year late would only compete with the 7s an 7plus.  Don't launch them at the same time.  Don't announce the product before it's ready either like was done with the Air Pods.  

I'd like to see a function area with an actual solid home button touch id.  I think keeping the touch id home button as is and adding to function spaces on either side would be the best bet for the two upcoming iPhones.  The Edition phone could be released next year when the tech and production are fully ready.  It would be disservice to the 10th anniversary to push the release of the Edition phone for late this year just to try to make it released w/in the year.  Just do what you can to make the 7s and 7plus the best you can and still release them early.

What is being referred to as the two phones to be released this year will be the anniversary phones, will these be the doozy bezel less one, I don't think so.  It may be anticlimactic to call it the 7s or 7plus.  Or simply call them Anniversary Editions.  The bezel less concept may be released in 18.  This may as well be called the Special Edition.
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