Future Prospects for the MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is the Most Consumer Sale-able Macbook

It gives customers what they want long battery life

The only thing it needs is an upgrade in screen specs, and internal specs, while maintaining the same optimal battery life along with it’s conservative size.

I believe it could outperform the MacBook in quality and salability. 

Screen should be bezel-less

New Colors Should be added

The touchbar should be included

I’d like this new MacBook air to be released alongside a bevy of new new MacBooks, including upgrade MacBooks, and MacBook pros

I think it’s bad to only have two option the MacBook Air line should be well maintained and fit comfortably in the middle.

Who knows it Might even beat the Pro in both performance and Salability.  If it actually delivers.

Main selling point for Air is the battery life, so it must aim for 14-24, Why up to 24, because we know the professed life is rarely the actual life.

Aim high.

Macbook Air Pro

I believe it could outperform current MacBook Pros.

I’d like to see a modular compatible mac system that allows MacBooks to be used alongside a mac pro to get the power of the pro in the use of a laptop.
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