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My Comments on the Video: Non Violent Extremism? That just shows how ludicrous this is. This is an oxymoron. If it's non violent than it's not extremist. The gov needs to focus on violent extremism, not label peaceful people who have different opinions as extremists. That's ridiculous. The real extremists are the backwards thinking intellectually flawed, educated foolish, who call good evil and peace extremism. It's these warped minds who are the real extremists. Because these people are actually the dangerous ones, the ones that are prone towards violating innocent people. The real extremists protect evil doers and punish those who speak against it. Islam is one of the cultures by which the virus of hatred and murder is bred. To speak against this is absolutely sane, and not a form of fear or hatred. Those who love humanity hate evil, which threatens human society itself. Liberalist/libertarians need to wake up are realize that Islam is not a religion that values freedom, it values dominance. Speaking against sin in general is not threatening because it's not a threat of violent extremism. It's simply a verbal disagreement. There is nothing extremist about having values that are not shared by others. It's called free speech. It's not hate speech. Hate speech includes incitement to violence. Morality is only a threat to the most dangerous of people. The most dangerous people are those who want to commit evil without reprimand, whose desires threaten the safety, & well being a human society in general. Trump doesn't care about freedom, he just cares about money, greed, and power and control. He's a dictator just like his predecessor. They have faulty reasoning in passing a bill/law to allow ISP providers ability to sell your constitutionally protected information. Their faulty reasoning is this: "Facebook and google do it, why can't we?" Because Facebook and google shouldn't be doing it either! It is that simple.

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