Why the Switch is Successful (So Far) | This Does Not Compute Podcast #39

#1 Reason it's done well is the design concept, it does what it's called. Perfect
I really think this alone is what makes it the most worthwhile purchase for people. I cannot stress this enough. Of course it needs a game to go with it and Zelda delivers.

The fact that Zelda is really the only big name for it and not everybody is even into Zelda shows that the number 1 reason for the Switch's success is the innovative platform design: the switch b/w mobility and home game play. You phrase it as the concept works. The wii U concept didn't work. There was ambiguity as to which screen to look at. With the switch, when it's docked you know to look at the big screen. When you undock it you use the small screen. Wii U had both small screen and big screen use at the same time. That causes a headache of confusion and distraction. The Simplicity of the platform allow the user to enjoy game play much more. And it satisfies the desires people have always had of never wanting to leave the game. That alone is the reason it has sold well. It's the first platform that has allowed for this. Smartphones don't even satisfy this desire. But they may if they take on this concept by implementing a way to doc the smartphone and play on a big screen. This would take mobile gaming to the next level. As it is right now: Switch is the pioneer in switch gaming. The name suits it. I see switch gaming becoming a ubiquitous term to apply to this kind of gaming all originating with the Switch. Like Kleenex for ....

#2 Solid First Game. Without a game it wouldn't have sold.

I really hope they implement NES classic and super Nintendo games into the Switch. I can totally see the DS console fading out. It seems outdated and too much of a small screen.

The controllers for the Wii and the Wii U is really what threw me off. I get the Switch concept. I'm into the classic controller style, which you can do with the Switch.
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