Trends with Benefits: Google Home, Food Tech & would you stay at a Star ...

I think this avatar virtual reality will lead to mental breakdowns and disorientation from reality. It's going to cause more problems than benefit society. Zuckerberg might be a sadist. A bunch of tech leaders are sociopathic in their ambitions & ideals. They don't have humanity's best interests in mind. If they think they do than I think there's some missing linking in their reasoning. Tech is not the missing piece to every puzzle in life. It's not the solution to everything. A few solutions for life right now are these: get a pager, simple phone, & delete Facebook. We need to invest more time, assets and skills in getting people back to real-reality.

Speaking of escapism. Disney world/land, Disney & Star Wars are built on this fantasy. So yes the 1000 Starwars night is capitalizing on this.
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