Thoughts on Pinterest: Notes & Ideas that came from Listening to Decrypted Podcast on Pinterest

My Notes on Pinterest while Listening to the Decrypted Podcast: (Some of these are simply notes, thoughts, complete or incomplete, or questions, and others are ideas about how Pinterest might become More Innovative, Useful, & Successful) 

If Pinterest isn’t a social network how is that beneficial to Pinterest?

The feed isn’t a go to place in the same way other social networks may be, but is this a good thing?

I use Pinterest for pinning things but I don’t use it for viewing other people’s pins, very often.

People pin your pins or like them sometimes but they don’t usually get into looking at your boards.

How can Pinterest be marketable if people don’t even use it socially?

I can see Pinterest and Etsy working together for monetization.
Even Pandora for music playlists or collections
or e-bay
Affiliate marketing strategies

Make a way for users to benefit monetarily through affiliate marketing pins by selling products from other companies.

For example if someone buys a song you pinned you get money for that.

I think affiliate marketing (or a term for a similar concept) could be the key to open up a potential profitable business model for Pinterest.

Light bulb: Pinterest Board Stores by businesses for products & packages.  Purchases made through the pins.  Pin shopping cart.  

Virtual shopping. Play shopping created Want or Desired lists that could later be converged into an actual purchase.

A place to organize all your shopping lists.

A Grocery shopping list that pins your favorite items from various stores and unites it into one List for Online Ordering.  A service that could combine & fulfill a shopping list that merges items from multiple stores into one order.

For example:  I like Trader Joe's & Whole Foods for different reasons.  They are close by so I often hit them up in the same trip.  But it's a waste of time.  Pinterest could solve this by allowing you to pin the items you like for TJ's and Whole Food's and turning this list into a single shopping cart of online ordering.  

It’s a place to organize content.  If people go to look at the content of a user it has a potential for being profitable for all parties.

I think Pinterest needs a more desirable feed.

I think it needs a player, that plays pins of videos through a Pinterest automatic playlist.

I think even live content would be helpful.

Better integration with other social networks may be useful.

Take Curation More seriously.  If Pinterest wants to be know as the curation destination it needs more expertise in this field so that librarians, scholars, curators, & genealogist could use the tool in a more impactful way.

Have Pinterest Courses/Tutorials/Lessons that assimilate merge all kinds of teaching boards for the purpose of learning specific tasks.  (DIY)

Pinterest blogs.  Blogs, Journals & Articles Can live there.  And be findable based on people's interests. And find them based on their interests.

Pinterest Search.
Allows you to search for images in other social networks.

Find pinned items that are posted on social networks.

Local Markets:  A Pinterest overview of Local Areas

Pin Mapping-View of pins on a map, complimentary for local markets

Geo Pinning--Travel through pins
Geo Tours based on other Pins
Merge with Yelp Reviews 

Pinning is a tool that Pinterest can capitalize on as a brand.
It’s okay if others implement this tool as long as Pinterest leads.
Pool/Pull interests from other social networks.

Have an interests boards that will be like a bug light that attracts bugs (pins akin to your interest)

Have pins flock towards your interests as they come in. Ai could work for this.

Pinterest alerts

Finds content that can be pinned towards your interest as they show up in news feed or are pinned by others.

Why is Pinterest innovation is important?

Ultimately a more innovative and efficient product will benefit people’s lives and make it worth there time.  Hopefully Pinterest will not be a waste of time in the future.

Companies & Individuals want to curate their content, but what will they get for it, to make Pinterest a worthwhile destination?  And how can we all profit from a better Pinterest?

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