How Many iPhones Will Be Released This Year And Which One Will Be The Anniversary Edition?

I think it's best if we think of the iPhone 8's as the iPhone Edition and Edition Plus. This sounds the most likely. This will make it less likely to be confused with the 7s and 7s Plus. I think they'll likely do all of them. Because of the production Issues I don't see the Edition models being released until next year Spring. This really makes the Edition models the Post 10th Anniversary iPhones. If this is the case I really think Apple should double down on concentrating on making the Phones that will be released this year to be as timely as possible, to coincide with the actual 10th Anniversary Date June 26, 2017. In other words I think they should do what they can to commemorate the Anniversary with iPhones as close as possible to the actual date. I feel like there are a lot of things Apple could do to avoid production issues. They could announce around WWDC or on the actual 10th Anniversary Date in June the actual Anniversary iPhone or iPhones that they'll be positive will be released this year. I believe they could do a bezel less (or slim bezels) 4 inch SE size phone with out OLED to avoid production issues. If they leave the chin bezel for touch Id that's ok. I think they could do the same thing for the 7s and 7s Plus. Not forcing full screen yet or OLED displays they could use parts from the 7s and put them into newly updated SEs. So the SE would now have iPhone 7 camera updates. I would like to see a dual camera lens in the SE if that's possible. In the 7s model they could perhaps put a dual lenses in the back of the smaller model as well. I'd like to see force touch put into the SE models as well. I'd also like for them to take the end frame concept of the Edition phones and keep that in mind when doing the 7s or SE updates. If it's thicker without camera bump, I'd like to see that in the updated 7s's for better Battery. Even if it's not I'd like to see that. I think as much oomph as they could put into these while avoiding production issues and getting an earlier release date and shipping date this year is what's most important. New colors would help as well. Also the singular curved Edition and Edition Plus designs could be highlighted by making the 7s look different and more like the 4s in non curved rectangular sharp edged design. This would give people more options and be a win win because their products would be equally as notable. Otherwise if they look the same there may not be as much of a draw for the Edition once it comes out next year. So I think the main focus this year should be on making the non OLED phones as bezeless and innovative as possible, in a way that will commemorate the iPhone 10th anniversary, not at the end of the year or next year. Pushing the Edition to be the 10th anniversary phone is pushing it too close. And releasing it late this year will displease a lot of people rushing going mad to get one. So in my opinion the current phones projected to actually commemorate the 10 year anniversary in a timely fashion are the 7s and 7s Plus and hopefully an SE 10 Anniversary Edition. I'd like to add a few things. I really think it's important for Apple to maintain the headphone jack in at least one model. Logical reasoning says if there is room for it in the SE there's room for it in a larger model as well. About having 2 Editions: This is something I hypothesized about recently and have been wanting for awhile. I think and Edition and Edition Plus is a win win. You really won't be able to go wrong with either of them. Because they both will have great screens. It will finally be about the size comfortable for you. Some people like the larger phones. Even people with smaller hands are still okay with the walkie talkie size phones. What's kept me from the plus size is wasted screen real estate with bezels. It seems unnecessarily large with the bezels. Now that bigger screens will help some that issue, the Plus size won't seem like wasted space and I would be more likely to use the Plus size. I feel like others would feel the same way. So both sizes are a good idea. Because there is more screen I do think going thicker and removing the camera hump is VIP to increase battery capacity to handle the extra screen usage. I really don't want exploding iPhones or overheating issues. This is the most important thing to take into consideration with these phones. I feel finding an optimum cooling solution for overheating phones is a problem that still hasn't been address. I think fans and cooling need to be taken just as seriously in phones because these are mini computers in OUR HANDS. The Note 8 might even be released before the iPhone Editions so I feel this makes it even more important for Apple to have 2 Editions. The Plus could compete more directly with the Note 8. I want Apple to maintain a larger plus size even with a bigger screen because eventually I'd like them to embrace the Phablet concept as the Note 8 has and finally include an optional Stylus. Which brings me to perhaps my most hoped for innovation in the Edition: Pencil usability. It makes sense to use the Apple pencil on the Edition Plus. You could simply go from the iPad Pro the iPhone. No prob. In conclusion 5 iPhones in the next year are what I'd like to see: The iPhone SE Anniversary Edition, 7s, 7sPlus, Edition, & Edition Plus. (Editions May Be Released in 2018)

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