iPhone 8 wishlist

Samsung hasn't got there yet. Still top and bottom bezels. Apple may get full screen first.

I'd like them to make an even larger Edition that fits the current dimensions of the iPhone 7 plus. I'd also like it to be thicker. Yes that would be the ultimate for battery life. Especially if it feature pad-wireless charging. There would even be enough room of said earphone jack. Yes it takes more courage to bring it back than take it away. I'm not in favor of apple imitating samsung in the narrower design. Without bezels the color on the side should just be the same as the back. If they do go slimmer I really hope they consider also maintain the current Plus footprint as well. This would be even better instead of exclusively going slimmer.

It's not good for people to accept the id on the back simply because of some leaks. NOT BACK FINGERPRINT READER. READ MY CAPS.

They need to up the anti on the cameras for sure. Yes 2 more lenses would be exceptional. This would be good for a pro model. Optical image stabilization on all of the lenses.

I would like a dedicated camera button that can zoom in and zoom out without the screen on. I'd like a way to make phone calls with out the screen being on.

I'd like siri to be able to work off line and do voice commands within the phone with out using the internet for search. I'd actually use siri more if it could do that.

l love your vision of having wide angle lenses. I think the layout could be different and more attractive perhaps in a diamond shape or oval shape. Multiple configurations could be experimented. Yes taking photography seriously will continue to keep them ahead.

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