iPhone 8 Latest Feature Leaks!

Honestly I think they should have a full 7 plus screen real estate footprint of the edition +. So there would be two editions. One full screen 7 size. One full screen 7 plus size. Please think about it. I'd like to see Bro King do a mock up of this. Could you request for him to do one of smaller SE size with a dual camera on front and back and full screen real estate, please, broking?

I am totally excited about true tone display! Boo yeah!

I really hope they have the teardrop frame on at least one of the phones. I really liked the feel of the 3Gs I wouldn't mind extra thickness to match the original depth of the 3Gs. This could be an homage retro design option. Calls it iPhone classic. It would suit the 10th anniversary.

If they do include a fingerprint scanner on the back i hope they consider putting it directly on the apple icon logo.

The dock and dex ideas are cool but incomplete imo. Why not just allow for use on preexisting computers? I'll leave it at that.

Good video Pro!

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