Apple Should Keep The Touch ID on the Front One way or Another, Never Underestimate the Patient of Apple Users: iPhone 8 Design Leaked! Is This Actually It?

Ok. If it comes down to them not being able to put the touch id sensor in the display, I would say their best option would be to simply have a circle for the touch id, with the display being wrapped around it, or have a touchbar at the bottom, like it was rumored. Those two options, or push the touch id further to the bottom and have a shorter chin bezel. But do not remove it or put it on the back. Those two are very un-apple like and goes against the grain of both the brand and the usability. Having the touch id on the front bottom is what makes Apple special, and what makes people like apple--so removing it or putting it on the back is not an option. I think most Apple users would rather have the touch id at the bottom than have the bottom be screen without the touch id. Apple, staying true to yourself and your customers is more important than imitating or pushing innovation before it's ready. You've shown your patience in releasing innovation. We are patient as well. Never underestimate the patience of your customers. That being said I do hope and pray that the touch id will be embedded into the display, but if you can't you know where I fall on the issue. #innovativeaspirations The rumors of thicker phones is a good one. Almost as thick as the 4. I'd say go for the full 9.6. Cases push past that anyway. The whole point of going thicker is to increase battery capacity and remove the need of a battery case. If the choice is to make the camera vertical, it could be for a number of reasons. Most likely to make it compatible with virtual reality or augmented reality glasses. This is not something I am happy about. I think VR phone headsets are a gimmick and outright foolish looking. They are anti-social, escapest tools to the nth degree. So no I'm not excited about a move towards that. If the the camera is positioned that way for better horizontal photography that would be a better reason. I just hope the lens won't get be easily covered with the hands when placed that way. Perhaps vertical cameras are better for 3d digital image mapping? Idk. But it looks ridiculous and poorly placed. To go thicker and still have a camera bump is bothersome as well. I would really like to see the phone designed with the ergonomics of landscape horizontal photography in mind. If they plan on having a camera mod case to attach to the phone--I'll be okay with a camera bump if it helps with that. I'm excited about the use better stainless steel. I really like the look of the stainless steel on the apple watch. That will look great on the iPhone. This phone will be a doozy. If they have to delay production to do the id underneath the display I say move on with the models that don't need that innovation and keep the touch id where it is, and release them on time: with or without a full screen display it's okay to have a bottom chin bezel if we have thinner bezels at the top. You can do it Apple! I pray for the teams working on this to have wisdom and grace of God to achieve the impossible!

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