I hope Apple Releases a Phone on the 10th Anniversary Date: iPhone 8 - LEAKED Design!

Daniel in my humble opinion I do not think removing the fingerprint sensor or putting it on the back are options that Apple should consider. I am like you. I would totally be okay with waiting until this time next year even for the iPhone Edition if it takes that long for them to get the fingerprint sensor in embedded into the display itself.

I'd also like to see a refreshed SE with out bezels released around this time next year as well.

That being said they may have to delay the Edition that long for this technology to be released with it. But they could release the S version of the iPhone in the fall and keep the touch id where it is currently and decrease the bezels on the top. If they have to make the bottom of the phone a permanent touch bar. That would be good because we'd still have touch id and have additional touch functions on either side of it. It could be like a separate OLED touch panel. Not making the full screen OLED on the S's would be good because that would help with production and keep the price down. These are just some options I am throwing out. It would be like the Lite version touch bar that may be released fully in the iPhone Edition.

I would be okay with that compromise if it means waiting for the fully fledged innovation of the embedded touch id to come in the iPhone Edition. But we may want to reconsiders calling this the Anniversary Edition because of the late release date.

To be honest with you I think Apple's Best option to commemorate the 10th anniversary iPhone would be to release a new SE on the date of the 2007 release. It's been over a year since the SE was released. I'd like to see updated internals put into this form factor. Why not go ahead and put 7s internals in or even the 8 if they are available. The main reason for the 8 production delay has to do with the embedded touch sensor display.

An SE update in honor of the original iPhone is something they could do for sure on short notice. In my humble opinion I feel like this would be a better homage to the original because of the smaller form factor. Why not even have a retro form factor with updated specs. Call it the iPhone Classic. Having the 7s be the anniversary phone release in Sept. seems anticlimactic and having a delayed edition even more so. Something release on the actual date would be best: June 29, 2007--June 29, 2017. That's the 10 year mark.

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