An Even Larger Display would Make Phones Look Less Like Candy Bars, Comments on: Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Ultimate Smartphone?

Marques you mention that the modern trend is to go slimmer with less bezels yes this is true. But this is why I like iPhone better than Samsung in this case. This phone looks much more fragile, delicate & breakable than an iPhone. And proportionately a candy bar shape isn't ideal for proportionate symmetry. It's too stretched in my opinion. A bigger screen doesn't make as much a difference if it's stretch horizontally primarily. This loses out of the benefits it may receive of having taller screen when held horizontally. All that to say this Apple should be different than Samsung. Yes Samsung has it's own design language it's good and it should be that way so I am definitely for Apple not imitating Samsung in this aspect. The rumors are sketching towards the Edition being similar in design but I sure hope it's not similar in the sense that the screen is larger because it is stretched vertically taller. I would like there to be an Apple Edition Plus Model that Fills up the current footprint of the 7 plus, instead of going with a smaller footprint overall. For me this is the best way for Apple to beat Samsung in the display. I'd like to see Samsung make the footprint of the Note 8 wider than the S8 as well. That would be the real competition with Apple. So no I don't think the S8 is the ultimate phone or display. And no I am not totally on board for manufacturers opting for smaller phones overall for thinner bezels. Plenty can hold the larger phones fine with bezels. Let's do this with out bezels, even bigger screens and same large size. Both options are good--the handheld size and the large plus + size screen in current plus footprint. I think people would be even happier with it--the screen would be more proportionate and less stretched looking if they do that for the Note 8 and iPhone Edition Plus. (the Edition Plus or Premium is just something I'm hypothesizing on based on keeping the Plus size's footprint the same with full screen display) I'd like/love to hear your thoughts on this Marques.
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