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We’re all familiar with the snooze function that’s part of many email apps, which lets you temporarily dismiss a message and have it automatically resurface at a more convenient time. Now Firefox is taking the same approach and applying it to browser tabs. The feature’s called SnoozeTabs, and basically works like you’d imagine. You click an icon at the upper right of Firefox, choose a time when you want the tab to return, and it goes away until then. When it reappears, the snoozed page loads as a background tab so as not to interrupt whatever you’re doing at that moment.
You can test SnoozeTabs now by activating Mozilla’s Test Pilot extension, which lets users try out experimental features before they’re added to Firefox proper in a later release. Test Pilot is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
It’s a neat trick, albeit one that’s by no means unique to Firefox. There’s a fairly well-reviewed Chrome extension that offers pretty much the exact same snooze functionality. There’s always the history section too, if you prefer the old fashioned way of getting back to a website you couldn’t focus on earlier. But if Firefox still to this day remains your browser of choice, at least you’ve got a new tool for combatting tab anxiety.

by Chris Welch for the Verge


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