Top 10 Upcoming Smartphones 2017! Part 2

Man Xiaomi is really beating both Samsung and Apple to the punch.

I don’t see why they couldn’t make Nokia 3310 a little bit smarter, and still kept the form factor.

I’m looking fo-ward towards the Nokia 8 series.  HMD mobile is doing the Nokia label justice.  There cleaner and more appealing to LGs of late, in ux of clean android.  Hopefully the optimization will work as good as Google’s Pixel does.

The LG G6 doesn’t beat the V20.  

Android phone manufactures really need to work on their naming scheme because their virtually indistinguishable in their follow the herd Droidist naming letters and numbers.  And AI machine factor manufacturer would name its babies not un-similar.

Simplicity is best and Apple has shown that with iPhone. It doesn’t need en extra letter signifier.  Save that for the serial codes.  Pixel even does it.  For this reason I hope Apple doesn’t embrace the X moniker.

Hopefully the camera mods will benefit the Moto’s camera sensors better and make it worthwhile.

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