My Comments and Notes from the Show: The Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 75


Smart TV’s should not have microphones or cameras, unless the users knows for sure they are there.

The fact that tech companies have to patch their os for vulnerabilities to the cia just shows that the cia is doing things to American citizens that are not good for Americans, illegal, criminal and unconstitutional.  Attacking vulnerabilities in technology does not make Americans safer it makes us victims to a criminal government.  Anything they say is PR propaganda.

Even with these updates the tech is still hackable and vulnerable and accessible to the cia.  They are experts in the misappropriation of hacking, & illegal surveillance.  They need a warrant for it to be lawful.  They don’t have a warrant on every citizen yet they do it anyway.

The iPhone 8 would sound better if simply called 10th Anniversary Edition.

Since we know that CIA is hacking devices, facial recognition, and google cloud object identification is not in our best interest.  Voice recognition is not good for privacy either.

Cord Cutting Pro Tips by Brian Tong.  What you need to be Replace Cable TV by Using the Apple TV:

  1. 4th Gen Apple TV
  2. HD HomeRun
  3. antenna to send signal to the apple tv Example: Clearstream eclipse indoor antenna
  4. channels app 25 bucks
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