Should Go-Pro get into Smartphones?

Should Go Pro get into Smartphones?  Just a thought.

I think so.

I think Go Pro get into Smartphones in a several ways.

A Go Pro Case

That would be water proof and extremely durable and take epic photos w/ Go pro camera.  Made for shooting under water and above water.

A Go Pro Mod

Made for Attaching to Phones, but a not a full on Case.  Good for zooming.

A Go Pro Handheld Camera

Why not?

A Go Pro Phone that's a great communications device but also a top standard Go Pro Camera.

Think extra long battery life.  Thicker is better in this case.

Solar charging built in to get all day long charging while out in the sun.

Zoom lense

Ability to attach to drone or work well with drone.

Ability to be attached to wearable.  Helmet, armband etc.  Necklace

Stabilizer, extreme at blocking motion blur

Outdoor range capabilities.

Geo trackers, GPS, satellite radio and communications, fm am, Geo Locaters, Distress signals, Life saving device features, SOS, flicker emergency lights for being seen from high above
As well as a signal for showing location through various means. VIP could make Go Pro a go to device.  

Go pro Watch?  
Why Not?

Go Pro Walkie Talkie

Separate Device or Built into Phone

And most of all walkie talkie radio for communicating w/ your fellow explorers.

The walkie talkie feature would be the most exciting one in my opinion.  

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