Samsung Galaxy S8: YouTubers REACT!

Dom Espisito: Art--this video may be better than the phone itself. 

I think your'e on to something. I think there needs to be like one channel that pools all the tech channel voices into one kind of distillery channel, so the good varieties of opinions can rise to the top. It's funny how it's just one phone and so many can think that their opinions are original, about it, but most of the time the thoughts are unanimous. I watch behavior and I've notice most everyone does what you did with the fingerprint scanner: touches it then feels for the camera, to locate it, as to remind your hand this is where the camera is.

I go through review after review to scan for unique ideas. I then post my reflections this blog: From watching your vid it's making me think that a curated distillery pool channel would be good to highlight the few differences that people have about tech; to kind of skim of the redundancies of opinions, and raise original ideas to the top of innovation discourse.
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