Samsung Galaxy S8 facial recognition, iPhone X GPU

I only want the fingerprint scanner. I do think it would be good to include more fingerprints than just a few. Perhaps all 10 digits. I like the fingerprint scanner the best for a couple reasons. It's the fastest. The most discreet. And less invasive of privacy. Also it might be good to set the scanner to work for multiple digits like a pin with more than one fingerprint. That way someone couldn't force you to open it by pressing your finger down. Once you get into iris and face recognition it's more unsettling because that same technology can be used while doing selfies to identify who's with you etc. This will just be another tool for intelligence agencies to spy on us. Also by popularizing this technology it pushes us forward to a brave new world where this will be required. Which it shouldn't be, because honestly companies, banks, tech, government shouldn't have the right to demand access to our biometrics. It will be used against us in a controlling dictatorial fashion inevitably.

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