Reactions to Samsung's Galaxy S8 Unpacked event

I'm wondering how convenient it is to access the google assistant on the S8. It might be good for them to allow you to switch b/w bixby and google assistant in the settings, so that some may use use the bixby button to access the google assistant. Or they could do a setting where a short press is bixby and long hold press would bring up google assistant. Or they could allow for this on the the home button with a long press as well, for bixby or google assistant.

Instead of relying on an external 360 camera gear, I want cellphone companies to make it where you can use both the front facing camera and back facing camera at the same, time to give a dual screen coverage, close to 3D viewing, when recording an event and giving commentary. It would be good for people covering live events and reporting. Viewers could choose between looking at dual screen or either the face or the back facing live action. That way voice over on events would capture face reactions, as well. #innovativeaspirations

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