TODAY'S VIEW TOP VIEW FIRST: United States Poland France Germany Portugal Chile United Kingdom Russia Chrome had the largest percent ship of browsers. Linux and Windows were tied. I find that interesting. THIS WEEK'S VIEWERSHIP: France Russia United States Poland Portugal Germany Australia Canada Singapore Chile I find it interesting that France and Russia are leading slightly above United States in Leadership. All three were tied pretty much this week. Chrome had 74% of Page-views Linux had 58% of OS views Apparently Linux users like to use Chrome and this combo brings up my blog in searches. Interesting dynamic there. I'd like to have more insight into that. Month Pageviews: United States Russia France Poland Portugal Germany Ireland Austria Mexico Netherlands CHROME HAD 77% PERCENT OF VIEWS LINUX HAD 57% United States Led Overall views by more than half. Russia and France Continue to Lead the International Audience. Russia has maintained leadership and in many months it has beat the US. I've noticed Poland, Portugal and Germany are Growing. SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY INTERNATIONAL VIEWERS!!!! THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY BLOG! Please leave a comment letting me know how you found my blog and where you're from. May God bless you in Jesus Christ the Lord, leading you to salvation in Him. This blog is meant for the the glory of God!

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