My comments: Thoughts on an Apple Standalone Fitness Tracker

Tailosive, I don't think it's a bad idea. I agree with you that simplicity is key. I would go ahead and say that being ergonomic, light and comfortable would be the most important aspects for this. I think if they do go this route, I don't think a one type fits all idea is the best. Women in general prefer very slim watches. I think have a band that can also be elegant like a ladies watch would a good option as well. Currently all the apple watches are masculine in my opinion. Not to say they don't look good, it's just a very gender specific style as of now, machoesque. You can stylize them w/ bands, but that only goes so far. It's still a square face, not the most feminine size and shape.

Fitbit look kind of clunky to me. I think appearance is key if Apple is going to try to take the band concept on. I think it might be best to even take the appearance of having no appearance at all, as if it would be hard to recognize you are wearing a smart band. Kind of like those copper bracelets that golfers used to wear. Seamlessness into life is key for something to be popular Fit bit's market isn't currently growing, so for Apple to get into this space it would be very smart for them to not simply imitate them, because they would lose in this space, for the same reason fit bit isn't growing.

I think to pursue the active wear market they may want to think about partnerships with sports companies that may be interested in the space. Like Nike did for their Nike watch. Perhaps compatibility with running shoes to enhance tracking and gauge intensity, posture etc. Really taking an innovative approach to this is what will make active wear attractive. So in conclusion: simplicity, seamlessness, and innovation are necessary for active wear to be desirable and successful.

Looking like those fad rubber bands used for causes won't work, unless they include them in Mc Donald's happy meals for free.

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