iPhone 8/Edition features I'm NOT excited about.

I disagree with you about the area of the screen not being used for screen. It will still be used as screen when not using the home button. Media will start adapting to fit the screen ratio. I think Samsung got it right. But it would be smart to design the phone by the screen ratio already in use.

I do wonder how helpful wireless charging will be when people put cases on it. Doesn't that interfere with wireless charging? If you put a wireless charging case on a wireless charging iPhone, how will that work? Hopefully well.

I haven't fully given up on them not bringing back the headphone jack. I think they should switch to type c, bring back the headphone jack and include air pods, and a wireless charger for a special package. I think they should innovate their charger so that it does both wireless charging and works as monitor dock to merge with Macs and Apple TV. and Bluetooth 5.0 syncing with other screens. Perhaps even a way to use an iPad screen as a mobile desktop, yes with mouse and keyboard.

I really want to see Apple try to do something like DEX of course in their own Apple Flavor.

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