iPhone 8 Will Not Disappoint! HUGE Features Leak

My favorite part of the whole design was the flush back camera! Looked great. The proportion of the top and bottom chin are very close to the Samsung Design.

I hope and pray that the Wall Street Journal is right about including USBC. I might not bemoan the missing headphone jack if they do this, probably not. They need to include USBC in the new iPad line if they are going to do this. Also all iPhone models should have it, not just the top tier. The iPad line will be incredibly undesirable if they don't have USBC, yes I said it. Not including it will not help them grow in the OTHER market. But if they do include it I could see the iPad market growing over the next years.

They better not raise the price though. They make enough profit on them already! Plus they'll sell better which will make up for in incremental extra cost.

Including USBC is a matter of thinking about your users. Apple's job is to satisfy customers. When it does this shareholders will in turn be pleased. Innovation drives sales.

The lightning adapter will be very bad for their reputation.

I am a little disappointed in the battery power going down from the 7plus to the 8.

I'd rather not have facial recognition.
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