iPhone 8 & iPhone 7S - MASSIVE 10+ New Features Leak!

It's a little late to call it the iPhone X. The 10th anniversary date has come and gone. The iPhone Edition sounds better and will most likely be released on the date of the 11th year anniversary at the beginning of next year. I'm actually okay with the delay. I'd rather it be released not the 11th year anniversary date to the day. That would be great!

I think it would be even better for them to keep the larger footprint size of the Plus models the same and make the screen even larger by filling the whole space. This way people familiar with this hand hold size who like it would be satisfied. The screen would be even larger and with the new stacked batteries in this size the battery life would be exceptional! This would also make the iPhone stand out even more in being unique and different than Samsung. Relying on touch rejection is not optimal. I'm totally okay with not getting OLED. I actually prefer LCD.

I would be okay getting the plus size w/ lcd screen. I don't need an always on display or curved edge. I'd rather have a flush screen and stainless steel framing like on the 4s, except in the bigger size. This would be okay for me and more preferable than the curved display. Because I like the solid feel of the stainless steel edges, it's comfortable to hold onto, and doesn't feel as cheep or fragile.

I hope they update the SE line and size as well.

I'd rather have 3d outfacing camera than a front facing camera.

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