Dear Apple! (2017)

Published on Mar 1, 2017

Dear Apple. Let's chat for a second

Original Dear Apple:

Colorware Airpods:


2017 Mac Pro 2 concept:

Video Gear I use:

MKHB, do you actually expect Apple to respond to you? I think this personification of Apple isn't really working for the Apple community. We need to find ways to access the ears of the people who actually make decisions in Apple. In a way where we know they get our message. Like Dear Tim Cook, Dear Johnny Ives. Letters that actually get to them. Or the specific product design teams. How do you think we could aim these feedback suggestions towards a more precise audience in Apple?

The iPad mini original had matte black an yeah I dug it. It is a great color! What you're asking for is color and finish customization. I think this would be the route Apple needs to take. So it's not just white or matte black but a whole suite of choices. I'd rather see gloss black.

Sad is an understatement. Outrageous is way better. Unethical even fits. Over charging by charging the MacPro at the same price as when it was released is just plain WRONG!
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