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I wonder what it will take for Apple to call their Iphone an Iphone Pro? Smart connectors? Apple Pencil receptivity? Mac mini replacement? Perhaps when you can use a full keyboard and monitor and use it as a computer replacement.
Iphone Switch. For dock & Go gaming. That would be sweet. I want an Iphone mini. Or a basic phone style iphone.

I think the ceramic white will be great to go along with the edition name. I think more colors than white in ceramic would be good, as long as the colors don't scratch off. I'd be willing to wait for the Iphone Edition. If it comes out at the beginning of the year it would actually be on the 11th anniversary of the I phone. That would be an excellent time to release it. X name would not be fitting in that case.

If they do choose to add face and iris recognition, it's still smart to keep touch id, because combining the 1, 2, or 3 combinations would make it more secure. It could even be changed to work in a secret sequence. touch first, face second, iris 3rd or any combination of the 3. And pin as well. Talk about layers. I'm not in favor of forcing biometrics though because of the implications of future technocratic control over our lives.

I'm okay with them keeping lightning as long as they keep the USBC converter and fast charger.

I still think they should bring back the headphone jack. In at least one version have a high quality DAC.

On thing I haven't heard anyone mention is this: I think the overall footprint of the current Iphone Plus Models is Ok and good because of the larger size for batter. If this current size was filled up with screen instead of slimming it down and decreasing the bezels, I feel that may be more preferable for some than the current predictions. Because even with the stacked batteries the battery is smaller. I don't think that's ever good to go smaller even if the chips will be more efficient. Because there's always something that will drain battery life.

Also I am not hearing anything about including features that keep the phone cooler, which is a problem for smart phones, overheating. We need better protection from radiation built in and better cooling systems.

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