Apple, Samsung, LG respond to WikiLeaks dump

The government collaborates with tech companies behind the scenes. What tech companies say to the public has the same value that the government says publicly. At face value they say what we want to hear only to do what we don't want them to do behind our backs. You can't trust tech companies any more than the government. The point we should gather in all this is this: What is the government going to do to stop this behaviour. Will they make a move to stop this unconstitutional behaviour? If they do a public move to do so we still can't be sure the agencies won't still be doing it behind the scenes. Unless they defund these orgs and shut down these illegal operations we can assume they will continue. Tech virus ware updates won't stop this. It's time we realize who the real criminals are--the government, whose outrageous/unlawful crimes cannot be confirmed or denied to be sanctioned by the powers that be. We need to see these actors prosecuted to fullest extent of the law. But unfortunately the lawmakers are the lawbreakers--who's above them to hold them accountable?

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