5 Key Feature Suggestions for the Touchbar

A couple of improvement I could see being beneficial for the touchbar:

1. Raising the level of the touchbar to be flush with the keyboard keys to be the same height as the new keyboard keys

2. Force Touch

3. Keyboard button key mimics profiles for function, giving the appearance of depth (What I Mean hear is basically simulated depth appearance, for better perception of the keys on the touchbar) 

4. I would also like to see the touch bar to be as wide as two sets of keys. This is important for the visibility of it and improve it's function capabilities massively, making it much more attractive for developers.

5. A Mirror view of what is on the touchbar at the bottom of the mac screen, when the doc isn't in use that way you could use your keyboard and touchbar without looking down.

Number 5 is the most important to me and would address the complaint of having to look down when using it, which is the most unintuitive aspect of it.

The touchbar doesn't work in the same way normal keyboards do because the keys constantly change based on what website or app you are on.

This is why being able to see the touch bar functions on the screen you are looking at as they change would be in my opinion the most important feature change.

I honestly believe that this simple feature inclusion would solve the biggest problem people have with it across the board.

It would be good to be able to see on the display screen where your finger is pressing the touchbar so you know what it's pressing.

Lastly and Not Least I would like to to see touchbar included in a stand alone keyboard for iMacs, Mac Mini's and Mac Pro's: Please support these and this will show your support of the growing Pro User Community.

Thank you for taking this into consideration, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Leadership Team, Employees and all the Teams involved in making Apple products more innovative.

Thank you again.
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