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I think Pilot-less taxis flying or not need to have fail safes and safety features. I think there needs to be a default mode it has that stabilizes it if anything goes wrong. Like a gliding feature, or parachute. Or an ejection option that would allow for the rider to parachute down to safety. As it is right now the design is unsafe if anything goes wrong.

There needs to be a way to take control of it.

About the Parachute Drone Delivery: I'm not against it. I think the drone routes should stay over streets though. I don't like the idea of them flying over the houses.

Tunnels have been done in places that need them already. Hampton Roads VA has the most road tunnels in the country, going under water. London had a major one done recently.

I'm actually very skeptical about tunnels everywhere, that could cause a lot of problems similar to fracking. And if you watch Jason A youtube channel you'll see that sink holes are becoming a problem.

Lab grown meat is ungodly. It will not benefit humanity any more than gmo's. It will be detrimental ultimately to ecology. Sustainable farming is possible.

I think the neon line is a good idea in general, smart phones or not. It's good to know where you should stop generally. The light should change from green to yellow to green.
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