Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 72 Is Now Live Streaming 2:40 p.m. Central Friday

Video Streaming is Down but Audio is Up.

I could see streaming video podcasts like the Apple Byte being featured on AppleMusic platform. That'd be cool.😄 I don't think those two shows are compelling enough to convince me to join the subscription service.
It might be smart for Apple to emphasize gaming on the new Apple TV. If they are going to charge 150, make it worth it.Chris Pilgrims added,
I have an original apple tv. I like it except it doesn't run the Pandora app. I'm excited for the update 4K is enough for me.

I'd rather not have the face scanning tech and save money.

I think the laser scanner should be on the backside and used for 3d scanning.

I think it's good for Apple to have it's own wireless charging if it is more efficient for Apple Products.  Optimization of the ecosystem is a good thing.

But there is also something to be said about interchangeability.
If it doesn't add benefit it should go for charging that will work with others.

I could see Apple TV and Apple Music becoming the new home for Video podcasting.

It would great if there were a new tool in the next apple tv to enable uploading video.

I'd like to see apple tv to merge into becoming both a computing device like the mac mini and gaming device, similar to NVIDIA shield.

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