What it will take to stay at the top of the Pack, My comments on: 10 Best Laptops 2017 | Why You Should Be Excited!

For Touchscreen Laptops I think that Microsoft has the best concept. I really don't like folding it where the keyboard is exposed. Also it's good to be able to remove the top. IF Apple ever did something like this it would be a grand slam. I could see Samsung doing a tablet hybrid as well, where the screen can be removed. Personally, I think pivoting and removable screens are key to the future of laptops. Touch will be universal, as well as stylus pen sensitive. These will be necessary to stay at the top of the pack. Microsoft and Samsung currently have the best concepts for stylus integration, by making them easy to put away when not in use.

Added comments:

When I mention pivoting screens, I mean swiveling/ twisting screens. This could be gone about in all sorts of ways w/ various henges, etc.

On the microsoft surface you actually have to remove the screen to reverse it. This isn't ideal, and w/ the right henges this wouldn't be necessary.

I also think there's a case to be made for dual/multi screen laptops in the future.

Or compatibility or a merging feature that allows a tablet/ipad to be inserted or combined with it. Hp has touched on this w/ the Sprout, where a screen is a flat screen laid down is used for writing and drawing.

Imagine an ipad being inserted above the keyboard base that clicks in and then can be use for drawing and writing. Or used separately in conjunction with the laptop.

I did a blog on this concept a few months ago called the mactouch pro.


Since making the mactouch pro post.  Apple has published patents that are very similar to the concepts I mentioned in the blog.  

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