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The 5c is Still Famous And I Propose a Relaunch Alongside an Updated SE

5c is not infamous. IT's the coolest iPhone they released. They've really lost their way when it come to color interface and exterior matching. It'd be so easy for them to allow more color options. I still think a made to order option could be good for custom colors. It doesn't have to be budget friendly. It could be colored ceramic at the same price or more. It would sell better if they did it again along side the SE.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaked brochure, LG V30 final renders & more - Poc...

Because of the bezels i am not interested in any non iPhone option. I still want an iPhone designed for use with a stylus. Or at least pencil compatibility, but the Note has it down with including the S pen in the design. Apple you can do it! Perhaps he the rumor 6.5 inch size iPhone will have it.

I think the Apple Watch Has the Potential To Replace iPhones: Apple Watch gets LTE, iOS 11 icons, and Apple takes on Netflix | Macworl...

I totally disagree about people settling for having the phone with you at all times. I think most would prefer not to have a phone with them on them if they could. I don't like having my phone with me at all times. I don't like having in my pocket, when I'm walking or sitting down. It's pretty much pointless for me to carry with me. The apple watch could potentially replace the need to have the phone with you at all times if it could do two essential things: make phone calls independently and take pictures. Yep I threw that in there. Also Streaming music is great for exercising. But it may be more ideal to download the music ahead of time so you're not getting zapped by the cell towers while using the watch. A low energy mode/run cool mode would be ideal of the apple watch to protect your wrist from absorbing radiation in your blood. It would also save battery. I actually think people will find that they'll use apple watches more than iPhones in th…

Youtube Transcribe Feature Idea:

Youtube Transcribe Feature Idea: *Word Document Note Associated with Video for Transcribers* Allows you to pause as you are listening to the video, So you can pause without leaving the note/window you are in while you are typing. Allowing you to press an easy pause command/button on the keyboard that would pause the video while typing/transcribing the video. This way you wouldn't have to switch windows and grab the mouse to pause the video, thus you'd be able to stay in the transcribing flow.

Elon Musk’s A.I. Destroys Champion Gamer!

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#FacebookFeedback Link Found!

I started posting about Facebook Adding a Feedback Section, well they have! For #FacebookFeedback Feature Suggestions Go here:

They still need to make this feature link more obvious and easy to find on each persons page.

iPhone 8 New Color, Name, Features & Leaks!

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