Check Out This $25 Salt Lamp!

Published on May 28, 2017
Hey guys, this is my very first video on this channel and today we'll be taking a look at this $25 lamp made from salt crystals inside a metal basket!

Buy it here:

10.5" iPad Pro vs 12" MacBook!


The Designers Review Of The NEW 12.9 Apple iPad Pro Second Gen 2017


How to UPGRADE RAM in the (Mid 2017) 5K iMac & save $$$!

Published on Jun 21, 2017
Save lots of money by upgrading your 5K iMac's RAM yourself. Subscribe ► | Read full article ► ► Corsair Vengeance 32GB RAM: | Entry level 5K iMac (Mid 2017):

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2017 iMac UPDATED Buying Guide

I think on a monetary budget sense it may make sense to wait on getting the iMac Pro when the new Mac Pro comes out. The price may go down when that comes out. I personally feel that Apple is not dedicating enough resources into improving MacOS to make ANY of their Macs worth the price they are asking. That being said I still find MacOS better than Windows for my use. But as an Apple iMac user I would very very much like to see the new IOS 11 iPad Pro features come onto the MacOS. Also i feel like they are not giving the iMac Pro enough in terms of it's keyboard. I would like to see a touchbar keyboard option for the iMac Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 set for August? (Googlicious)


What iOS 11 reveals about the upcoming iPhone 8 | The iPhone Show

I would say that IOS 11 was designed for the iPhone 8, not the other way around. But I guess you could say it works both ways anyway. I like the prospects of split screen, multitasking and iPad pro features. Then all we would need is the refresh rate and pencil compatibility. I think they will keep the finger print in the front, one way or another.

I'd like to see the iPad Pro features come to the mac as well!

Electric Planes Are Here!

I like the idea of both dual usage: using some electric and petrol at the same time, but also the idea of either or usage, for example all electric, or all fuel until one or the other runs out, or if one goes down or malfunctions. I feel the same about cars as well.

iPad Pro 2017 Review: ProMotion for me! (Apple Byte)


iPad Pro 2 (2017) - 10 Things You NEED to KNOW!


The iPad Pro delivers and is even faster than some MacBook Pros (Apple B...

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iPad Pro 2017 (10.5") Review!

is the keyboard for it really large enough to be as comfortable as a mac keyboard?

iPhone 8 Major Parts & Feature Leaks!


Is the new iPad Pro really faster than the new MacBook Pro? (Apple Byte)


Gadgets With Gurman: A First Look at Apple's New iPad Pro


LG-made Google Pixel XL2, iPhone X production & more - Pocketnow Daily

I think LG will be the best thing for the Pixel!

iPhone 8 & 7S - FINAL Design!

I am still waiting on an updated SE and Color Edition iPhone. Also I believe they should have an updated 7 plus size with a bezel less screen. I like the look and the size of the plus better than the 8. It would have more space for battery especially if it went as thick as the 8. I'd totally be okay with the bottom chin or a screen around the home button if they couldn't do it onscreen, especially if it was the same size as the 7 plus because the screen could go all the way to the top. The screen size would even be better than the 8. It could be called the 8 plus size.

New iPad Pro 10.5 Review vs iPad Pro 9.7 - Its Amazing!

I'm curious if the keyboard feels full size with it like the mac keyboard?